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We are working with Larisa Pavlova, a blind artist to display her art and to help her publish English and Spanish versions of her methods of making art:
"In this book I have attempted to tell the story of my development as a totally blind artist. I also want to show that blind artists are not an unusual phenomenon. Every totally blind person--even a child who was born blind--can draw, and there is nothing difficult or surprising about it. I would like to describe different methods blind people can use for drawing and to attract the attention of other artists, teachers, scientists and especially parents of blind children to this subject.I am convinced that the world and society are ready to accept the fact that totally blind people are able to draw. Probably a small impetus would be enoughto make people to believe in such a possibility."

'In fact, we have to persuade both blind and sighted people; it is not obvious whose opinion would be more easily shaken. We, the blind, are so used to various restrictions and boundaries which we set up ourselves that we don't even want to try to bring about change. And here sighted people may come to help us--not only artists, but all kind and sympathetic people who can and will work to change public opinion. If you, the sighted, as strong, healthy and beautiful people, will believe in us, it will become easier for us to believe in ourselves and in our strength."
--From the Introduction by Larisa Pavlova
(translated into English by Sergei Fleytin and edited by Elena Dodd)
-- Her website in Russian

We know of 46 blind university students in St. Petersburg. Only 6 of them have a computer.

Kindergarten of blind children--need toys, school materials, assistive tools

Braille Printing House Chteniye--translate website into English, underwrite appreciation party for employees, contribute to maintenance of equipment

M.N. Adamov Fund--help with website (Russian and English), assist with research/outreach

Watercolors Art-Therapy Studio--social rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired children, St. Petersburg

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